Honglin (Carson) Bao

Culture, Innovation, Networks, and Organization

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Hi there! My name is Honglin (Carson) Bao (he/him). I go by Honglin. 

I have multidisciplinary training in mathematics, computer science, social science, and evolutionary biology. I'm currently working with Drs. Anjali M. Bhatt (macro-OB), Amit Goldenberg (micro-OB), and lots of smart brains in the Organization Unit and D^3 Institute at Harvard Business School. I also actively collaborate with Dr. Misha Teplitskiy at the University of Michigan.

Computation and biology have had a profound impact on my development as an organizational sociologist and management science scholar. My research focuses on organizational culture and coordination from an adaptive and evolving view and establishing a link between culture and innovation.

Before coming to HBS, I graduated from Michigan State, worked in the industry, and lived in North Carolina. Glad to talk about research -- reach out to me: hbao at hbs dot edu

word clouds of my research
What's new: -Dec 2022: gave a presentation on my work Why Status and Quality Decouple in Scientific Products at HBS D^3 research workshop.-To be continued...