Design idea credit to Amit Goldenberg

Computation and biology have had a profound impact on my development as a management science scholar. Drawing inspiration from organization/strategy, complex systems, and marketing, my research focuses on innovation contagion and collective adaptation. My investigations particularly revolve around using computational tools to elucidate their interactions novelties in science, technology, language, and culture/cultural products – how they diffuse and act as catalysts for organizational and market change.

I recognize the parallels between adaptation and competition in the organizational world and the principles found in biology and ecology. One crucial insight that biology has imparted upon me is the understanding that a group's potential surpasses the mere sum of its individual components. Complex, interdependent dynamics in online and real-world collectives that give rise to 'emergent' behaviors are of broad interest to me. 

*I employ NLP techniques, such as embeddings, topic modeling, and semantic networks, to investigate shifts in categorization, cultural code, and the intersections of knowledge domains.
*I show how belief dynamics drive structural dynamics, yielding the community-level incompatibility where residentially segregated communities tend to be more socially cohesive.
*Plots from my working/published papers.