Honglin (虹霖) Bao

Innovation, Complex Systems, and AI for Social Science

Digital, Data, and Design Institute -- my official D^3@Harvard page

Harvard Business School

Hi there! I am Honglin (he/him), a computational social science research associate in D^3/Harvard Business School working with Drs. Anjali Bhatt and Amit Goldenberg. I also collaborate on papers with Dr. Misha Teplitskiy (UMichigan School of Information) and NC State Network Analysis Group

My papers appear in top peer-reviewed journals and proceedings across computer science, statistical physics/network science, and social sciences including Nature Communications.

I have training in mathematics, computer science, social science, and evolutionary biology and my research benefits from multidisciplinary theories. Before HBS I graduated from Michigan State. I am from Northeastern China where I volunteered for LGBTQ health for years. When I'm not doing research, you'll usually catch me road running🏃, swimming  🏊 or hitting my heaviest lifts 🏋️.

Drop me an email for collaboration - hbao at hbs dot edu or baohlcs at gmail dot com.

Selected Papers

I occasionally advertise my papers through my Twitter(X) highlights.

"Cultural Ties" Shape Schools of Thought [Paper]

R&R, Poetics

Twitter thread

Presented at AS(ociology)A 2023 Science Knowledge and Technology section and HBS D^3 research workshop 2023 Slides

"Bad" Citing Reduces the Reproduction of Inequality in Science [Paper]

Nature Communications, 2024

Selected media coverage “Swarm Agents Club”; Twitter thread

Code and data; Presented at Computational Organization Modeling Society Brown Bag Seminar 2023 and HBS D^3 research workshop 2022 Slides

Work in Progress