Honglin Bao

I use computational tools to study innovation contagion, 

what impacts it and what (organizational stuff) is impacted by it.

Contact: hbao at hbs dot edu

Digital, Data, and Design Institute -- my official D^3@Harvard page

Harvard Business School

Google Scholar; GitHub

@hbao@mstdn.social; Twitter (X) @HonglinB; @honglin-bao.bsky.social

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@Cotting House HBS. Credit to Alex Yan

Hi there! My name is Honglin Bao (he/him). I go by Honglin. I am a computational social scientist.

My research falls into the broader categories of innovation, contagion, networks, and the drivers of organization change. I have the privilege to work with a bunch of good computational social scientists in computer science, sociology, psychology -- like Dr. Misha Teplitskiy (Michigan), Drs. Amit Goldenberg and Anjali M. Bhatt (HBS), among other smart brains -- on cool projects. Across all projects I am devoted to understanding how innovation spreads, what impacts its contagion and what (organizational stuff) is impacted by its contagion. I use and develop a wide spectrum of quantitative techniques (networks, machine learning/NLP/big data, causal inference, and theoretical modeling), complemented by some experimentation. I am especially interested in harnessing computational tools to innovate measurements beyond admin data etc., and combining social/statistical methods with predictive machine learning methods to rigorously address social questions.

I got multidisciplinary training in mathematics, computer science, social science, and evolutionary biology. Before coming to HBS, I graduated from Michigan State, worked in the tech industry and dedicated many years to volunteering with LGBTQ public health in China.

What's new: 
  • July/Aug 2023: AOM computational organization science meetings @HBS.
  • April 2023: New preprint! We examine the rhetorical citing of scientific products and how such interactions of heterogeneous audience segments shape the "rich-getting-richer" effect of products' status and idea diffusion. Twitter thread (Conditionally accepted at Nature Communications).
  • March 2023: one paper on "Cultural Ties in Knowledge Diffusion" accepted @AS(ociology)A 2023 Science Knowledge and Technology section (full paper invited for submission to Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts).
  • Dec 2022: gave a presentation on my work Why Status and Quality Decouple in Scientific Products at HBS D^3 research workshop.
  • To be continued...