Honglin (Carson) Bao

An organizational sociologist who studies culture, innovation, networks, and adaptation

Digital, Data, and Design Institute -- my official D^3@Harvard page

Harvard Business School

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Me with my naturally curly hair :-)@Cotting House HBS. Credit to Alex Yan

Hi there! My name is Honglin (Carson) Bao (he/him). I go by Honglin.

I have multidisciplinary training in mathematics, computer science, social science, and evolutionary biology. I'm currently working with Drs. Anjali M. Bhatt (macro-OB), Amit Goldenberg (micro-OB), and lots of smart brains in the Organization Unit and D^3 Institute at Harvard Business School. I also actively collaborate with Dr. Misha Teplitskiy at the University of Michigan.

Computation and biology have had a profound impact on my development as an organizational sociologist and management science scholar. Drawing from organizational studies and strategy, my research focuses on the organizational sociology of culture, innovation, and adaptation.

Before coming to HBS, I graduated from Michigan State, worked in the industry, and lived in North Carolina. I speak English and Mandarin (native, 东北话). Glad to talk about research -- reach out to me: hbao at hbs dot edu

What's new: -April 2023: New preprint! We examine the rhetorical use (e.g., citing) of scientific products and how such interactions of heterogeneous audience segments shape the "rich-getting-richer" effect of products' status. Twitter thread; Slides-March 2023: one co-authored paper on Dualities of Culture and Structure in Knowledge Networks accepted for presentation and discussion at AS(ociology)A 2023 Science Knowledge and Technology section.-Dec 2022: gave a presentation on my work Why Status and Quality Decouple in Scientific Products at HBS D^3 research workshop.-To be continued...